Cour des Noues hotel


Paris 20°

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4 rue de la Cour des Noues opens in the axis of rue Leuck Mathieu, offering deep views into the hilly urban fabric of the 20 ° arrondissement.
The project is based on the conservation of the hall, witness to the district’s industrial past. It is completed by an extension on the street, all thought to be reversible.
The bioclimatic issue is reflected here in the relevance of the choice of materials and techniques suitable for the rehabilitation of the hall and the extension.
Anglais L’été, le patio fonctionne comme un volume de fraicheur au bénéfice des résidents. In summer, the patio works like a cool space for the benefit of residents. On the street side, acoustic baffles integrated into the frame of the glass box in the bedroom, guarantee natural, passive cooling for the benefit of energy frugality.

Surface4 700 m2
STATECompetition 2019