The Quartz



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The Quartz becomes visible and changes its image thanks to a double-height glazed hall that breaks with the opacity of the Clémenceau facades The arcades are extended by a covered passage which accompanies the public to the shelter towards the entrance of the Quartz.

If the existing hall is preserved with its luminous reception desk, the “artists’ café”, its matt gray rought ceiling with visible pipes, it is split into the “hall of possibilities”, a new multipurpose access space, exhibitions, animations, events, clear in the light, in total projection on the city. The public is taken by the shoulders to move in a friendly way towards the different rooms.

The large room becomes main, around a finally centered access system. The small room reaffirms itself thanks to its new access staircase which reveals its direct and deep belonging to the Quartz ensemble.

CLIENTBrest Métropole
Surface4 800 m2
STATECompetition 2019