Le Cèdre Bleu



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As an extension of the square combining the pediment of the Chapel, the new volume of the Pavilion installs a new contact with the ground and places the equipment in the garden. It erases the break in level between the garden and the access level to the Château by working the soil, associating a set of ramps and steps under a sleek white prismatic ceiling.
On the upper ground floor, access level, the main gallery becomes a natural exhibition gallery. The spaces of the Château bring together the Plastic Arts, Music and Public Reading Poles on five levels, served by traffic centers brought into conformity.
The versatile auditorium takes possession of the beautiful volume of the Nave. The Housing and Associations wing is  détachée  from the main body of the Castle due to its size and the treatment of the facades.

CLIENTCity of Sarcelles
Surface3 390 m2
STATECompetition 2020