The Other Silk



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L’Autre Soie is reinventing the former Joan of Arc home, a heritage building that is emblematic of the history of a district that is undergoing rapid change. Designed to accommodate women silk workers, the project extends its history towards a new identity, open to the other in essence.

The architectural style finds its origin in the major space of the building: La Rotonde. It is the nerve center of the building, itself the geographical center of the Other Silk. Anglais Dans une logique de rayonnement concentrique, c’est le point de concentration et de diffusion des énergies humaines. In a logic of concentric radiation, it is the point of concentration and diffusion of human energies.

The project, exemplary and innovative in terms of the circular economy, fully seizes the potential of reuse and chooses to maximize it in situ by conserving materials, their renovation or their transformation.

CLIENTEst Métropole Habitat
Surface5 440 m2
STATECompetition 2019